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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Birdseed: for, or against?

Prospect Park: October 2011

A couple of weekends ago on one of those beautiful fall Saturday's we found a bird bonanza awaiting us at Prospect Park. After the several slow weekends we had, I thought we missed the fall migration and it would be nothing but Mallards and boring old song sparrows (kidding!) from here on out. Boy was I mistaken! Check out the sweet birds we spotted below.

 We were immediately greeted by this Brown Creeper.  I'd never seen one and was unfamiliar with their wylie maneuverings.  This is probably the best full body shot we got of him.

Brown Creeper 

Friday, November 25, 2011

A Perfect Day for Waterfowl Identification

Here are some additional shots from the Bay in October.  It was a slow day for passeriformes so we mostly spent our time identifying waterfowl and admiring the occasional sun bathing squirrel. 


 American Wigeon
Interesting ducks are everywhere!  Or at least they were on this bright October day.  The wigeon is the green headed guy in the middle, but hanging out with him in the salt marshes were several species including the common Mallard, Northern Shovelers,  and Blue and/or Green-winged Teals.  Who can identify the duck in the bottom right corner?

There are several man made Osprey nests at the Bay but this was our first good sighting.  The picture doesn't really do it justice....this bird has a 5-6 foot wingspan!  

What?  What's that in it's feet?????  Lets take a closer look...

WOW!  It's a fish!!!!  The osprey's diet consists mainly of live fish, which he carries back to his nest before eating. 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Portrait of a Song Sparrow

We had some up close and personal time with a very approachable little song sparrow out at the Bay (that's Jamaica Bay for first time readers!) in early October.  D (he's the principle photographer in this outfit) got some great shots.  He was literally crawling on the ground commando style just nailing this bird shot after shot.  C'mon,  lets go check him out! 

This one reminds me of those 70's/80's portraits that people take where they never look directly at the camera, always off to one corner looking super thoughtful.  Oh sweet song sparrow! Why art thou so contemplative?

True to form, this sparrow was found foraging for insects in the salt marshes at Jamaica Bay. 


Smooth operator


TWEET TWEET!!!!!!!!!!

Sparrows are often overlooked as being boring but they're actually known for their distinctive and melodious songs, this guy in particular (duh!). Give it a listen!  It gets really good at 15:28.  :)