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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Turkey Birds - June 2011

Here are some birds we saw on our trip to Turkey back in June. 

Arabian Magpie
These guys were all over the place.  This picture was taken in Cappadocia in the Zemi (Love) Valley.


Not sure what these birds are but you can't beat the Red Valley backdrop at sunset.

This was by far the weirdest bird we saw...that head! that beak! I think he has a teeny tiny bug in his mouth but we had the small camera so we couldn't get really up close and personal.  This was taken in a really old looking cemetery (that stone to the birds left is a grave stone) just outside of Cavusin, the "ghost town" in Cappadocia.

Super Cool DragonFly
Poolside in Antalya.  We love all winged creatures!

Check out those legs!  And Please don't enter the travertines.  We saw a lot of these guys in Pamukkale, all over the site at Heirapolis.  Whoever can identify wins a bird painting by yours truly.

I thought this was a canary, but I'm not sure now.  We ran in to Neil and Wanda, a South African couple we had just met over at the Plutonium, at a snack bar where we spotted this little yellow fellow taking in the sunset over the travertines.

Next post.....we're back at Jamaica Bay!  Buckle up!

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